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Things To Avoid When Emailing Your Resume For A Job Opportunity

January is here! Happy New Year! Thankfully, with the new year comes new opportunities, including job opportunities. Recently, one of our clients asked us to manage their Recruitment process which includes fielding the applications. The vacancies were posted for just one week and the feedback was astounding. While there were many promising applicants, there was also a notable number that made these very common mistakes. It is our hope that by sharing with you, the chances of these being repeated, diminish.

1. A Vague Subject

When applying for a job opportunity via email, unless you have been otherwise instructed, limit your subject to a short and relevant one. For example, ' Administrative Assistant Job Opportunity'. If you have been given specific instructions on how to subject your email application, please follow the instructions. Not only does it show that you have read the vacancy before applying, but it also shows that you pay attention to detail and have the ability to follow directives.

2. A Blank Email With Just An Attachment

We've said it before, and we'll say it again; please leave a message. It's more about common courtesy than anything else. Just as you would acknowledge the person in front of you if you were handing in the resume face to face, the same concept applies here. Leaving a short message also suggests that you are actually interested in this unique job opportunity and are willing to do more than just the bare minimum.

3. Language That Is Unnatural or Inappropriate

Put down the Thesaurus. We understand that you don't want to use the same words over and over, or maybe you want to seem more intelligent. We assure you that substituting every third word with one from the Thesaurus is more telling than you realize. Your message begins to sound unnatural and generally seems like you are trying too hard. Relax! The application process can be nerve-wracking enough without obsessing over every word you type. Keep the language natural and appropriate, but more importantly, be yourself.

4. Multiple Resume Submissions or Follow-Up Messages

If you have entered the email address as listed and your message shows up in your Sent folder, rest assured that your application was successfully submitted. Most talent managers reach out to only those applicants that have been short-listed. Not hearing any feedback from your application is naturally the most frustrating part of the job hunt; we understand. However, do not let this frustration lead you to either follow-up before the closing date of the application or send multiple follow-up messages. Usually one will do.

We are looking forward to short-listing the applicants for the vacancies at hand as they appear to be a talented group. Inevitably most will return to the hunt as there aren't enough jobs for everyone. As the search continues and opportunities arise, remember these tips so that your application leaves a great first impression.

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